A Wall Street Journal “Dot Drawing”!

On January 31, 2012

Brian Kennish Hedcut

“You don’t generally get [one] unless you’re a major CEO or commit some kind of massive fraud.”

Update (7:01 p.m.): Duh. I got a drawing because I’m helping run this event, which will be majorly massive and you should sign up for.

Letters to the Editor

Drit Suljoti said...

So what is it on your case :P

Brian Kennish said...

Something majorly massive. ;-) See the update above.

Doc A said...


I am a Behavioral Psychologist and social psychologist. My forte is social-cultural meta-analysis. I have been deeply concerned with the data analytic ramifications that can result from detail data trails on individuals without legal or ethical protection.
I have had a variety of careers in my field, one of which is a Supervising Psychologist in the Ohio Correction System. In effect, I am a criminologist and a trained justice and corrections specialist.The grist for that mill is a meta-MO for both criminals and "law enforcement": a track in detail on the target's (victim's) daily/weekly behavior. 98% of "unique" individual's behavior is predictable with a P= >.05.in any particular social stimulus situation. Profiling like this is the essence of committing most crimes against individuals and groups. (P.S. Zuckerberg minored in psychology)

I have some ideas that I believe can return personal human behavior "proprietary data," back to the ownership of the individual who generates it.
For 50 years, the behavioral sciences have had strict ethical rules requiring a complete disconnect between the individual's identity and the extensive behavioral data they produce. IT IS JUST NOT DONE and we can lose our licenses if clustered data leaks can tie to the individuals whose behavior and thinking generated it.

In short, I would like to be part of a team that can turn my ideas into functional software tools and function as a behavior specialist on a development team. I have a Black Swan idea. So how can I contact you privately?

Spitshine said...


spitshine said...