Upcoming Speaking Gigs

On March 10, 2010

I'm giving a few talks in the next couple weeks. Here are my session titles and abstracts, the where and when, and my speaker bio:

  • Extensions5: Advanced Google Chrome Extensions with HTML5
    Google DevFest Japan
    March 11th

    A deep dive into advanced techniques for developing extensions — like communicating within and between extensions, effectively injecting content, and integrating HTML5 features.

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  • HTML5 101
    South by Southwest Interactive
    March 14th and 15th

    An overview of the latest HTML, CSS, and JavaScript features being built into modern browsers — including audio, video, typography, animation, notifications, and more.

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  • Advanced Google Chrome Extensions
    South by Southwest Interactive
    March 14th

    [See above.]

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  • Brian Kennish was the first support engineer at Google back when the AdWords API was launched. Since then, he's helped launch four more Google developer products — gadget ads, the Analytics API, Wave, and Chrome Extensions. Brian is currently a developer advocate for Google Chrome.