Collusion for Chrome

On April 22, 2012

Collusion for ChromeDisclaimer: Half my blogging these days, it’d seem, has to do with usage stats. What can I say, I’m obsessed with numbers and have been since I could reel off the career pitching and hitting lines of “Three Finger” Brown and “Shoeless” Joe Jackson as a kid. I should also note that all the usage stats come from Google and Mozilla (not us!) but are nonetheless anonymous, to the best of my knowledge.

I mentioned (here, too) that, five days post launch, Collusion for Chrome had scored 20,000 installs, a 5-star rating, 10,000 video views, and 98% video likes. After a whole week, we landed on some nice, (almost) round numbers:

  • 29,440 installs
  • a 5-star rating
  • 15,586 video views
  • 99% video likes

And we racked up some sweet press coverage:

If you’ve already added or reviewed Collusion for Chrome, thank you. If you haven’t, what are you waiting for! You can likewise watch the progress of or contribute to the (open-source) project.

A Wall Street Journal “Dot Drawing”!

On January 31, 2012

Brian Kennish Hedcut

“You don’t generally get [one] unless you’re a major CEO or commit some kind of massive fraud.”

Update (7:01 p.m.): Duh. I got a drawing because I’m helping run this event, which will be majorly massive and you should sign up for.