Mobile Lawsuit T-Shirt

On October 6, 2010

George Kokkinidis made an awesome infographic yesterday, which shows who’s suing who for infringing their mobile patents. Since I’m speaking on a panel at the CTIA wireless conference tomorrow, I turned George’s chart into a shirt to wear there:

Mobile Lawsuit T-Shirt

P.S. You can pretty much calculate how screwed (or not) a company is using the chart. Here’s an equation to do so:


E.g., Kodak is:


100% screwed.

Letters to the Editor

ilias said...


Isn't it the opposit? I mean Kodak being able to sue 5 companies without being sued would lead to a "screwing" scenario, not "screwed". Kodak will get the money, no? Unless you see it a screwed because other companies are using its IP without authorization.

Also, I'd like to point that your equation should take into consideration the bi-suing scenario which in short cancel each arrow as it leads to stagnation in the lawsuit I guess (nokia & apple for eg.)

Let me know if I'm off the chart, you are the engineer! ;)

PS: sorry for my english, It's not my native language...

Brian Kennish said...

What I was implying is when a company’s market share collapses, they often resort to suing their more successful competition. In the case of Kodak, my (admittedly limited) understanding is they were just too big and poorly positioned for the sudden shift from film to digital.

I think the equation still works when there are both incoming and outgoing arrows, but I also think we can agree it’s not the most precise equation ever. ;-)